Why Join Imagenix Technologies

Interesting Work
Our products set new  world  records in computational biology,  but are
easy enough to use that our customers can concentrate on life science
research. Our goal is to bring them faster to their goal (curing cancer?)

Fun Environment
Casual university like atmosphere. Friday BBQs.  We're a 5 minute walk
from Shoreline Park, golf course, lake, and hiking. And with the weather
we have here... we can't blame you for taking advantage of these.

Stock Options
As you may have guessed by now, we're a Silicon Valley startup. We're
in the same building  where  Adobe (as in  "PDF file")  started,  and our
neighbor Google was a small startup just a few years ago.

Current Openings

HR007 Sales Account Executive
Understanding of modern life science research methods and technologies
and B.S. in related field required, advanced degree preferred. You will
represent our company in direct sales visits and in trade shows, but also
play an inside sales role.

HR008 - HR009 Customer Support Specialists
Computer background required, including Linux skills. Biology skills a
plus. Excellent communication skills, and friendly personality, as you
will occasionally assist the sales team.

HR010 Software Engineer
M.S. required, Ph.D. preferred. Must have extreme proficiency in C/C++
including threading and modern SIMD. GUI experience desirable. Life
Science or Biotechnology background a plus.

Promising candidates are encouraged to email careers@imagenix.com